Uttar Pradesh: Amroha’s Drum Industry Is Currently Undergoing A Crisis


Coronavirus has led to a rapid economic slowdown nationwide, to avoid chain transmission and yo control the risen of cases the Central Government forced a lockdown on 24th March and since then a series of lockdown is going on currently we are in lockdown 4.0 which is going to end on 31 st May.

The real struggle is of the small traders or wage earners who earn daily and spend their livelihood. Small Industry Businessman Deepak Aggarwal who owns a drums business said that Amroha’s drum industry is currently undergoing a crisis. The government has closed the fairs due to illness, 80% of our goods were consumed there. There is no hope that the fairs will run in the future.

Although the central government has issued many relief packages still small traders are facing real challenges that are irreparable. Earlier the leading investment management firm has predicted that India’s GDP could soar by 20 percent post lockdown, predicts Goldman Sachs. It is being said that the GDP which would fall at an annualized quarterly rate of 45% would rebound 20% in the third quarter due to the lockdown. Lockdown in many countries has caused much of an economic slowdown and many developing countries are facing more challenges.

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