Stylish Office Wear Ideas For Women


When you spend 9-5 in the office, why not put some colors in your professional life by dressing in workwear that is stylish and fashionable. Well most of us have a phobia of the boring and dull office wears but it is time to take style to work.

Add colors to your boring formal look. You can opt for wine, dark shades of red, blue & green also.

Elegance and Sophistication are two important keys when you dress up, a good pair of glasses also add glamour to your look.

Whitework pants with black strips are a style statement nowadays you can pair it up with check blazer and high heels.

A comfortable pair of pants and a shirt paired with heels are also an option, a stylish handbag will complete your look.

A Chinese collar blazer & pant with high heels also gives a cool office look.

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