Stock Market Recovered Up To 5300 Points Today


As the stock market saw a climb today and after a slow start. Today both the Sensex and the Nifty have recovered the full fall in the stock market. The Sensex has gained about 1400 points and the Nifty by about 400 points. The total gain went above 5300 points.

The Sensex fell 3,090.6 points and touched the lower circuit of 29,687.52, due to which the trading on the Sensex was stopped for 45 minutes. Also, the Nifty fell 966.10 (10.07%) points to 8,624.05, due to which its trading was also stopped. Nifty faced a decline of over 7%, the index reached below 9000 in the opening minute and a 10% drop a few minutes later.

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