Question Being Raised At Delhi Police Over Non Cooperation With Markaz


Coronavirus cases have been drastically increasing in the country and the case which came out from Delhi on Monday has stirred up. Many questions are being raised after some people gathered and were found to be corona positive at the Markaz of Tablighi Jamaat which is located in Nizamuddin area of the national capital.

A letter is surfacing in which Markaz is writing to the Delhi Police for a pass for some vehicles so that people could be evacuated from there under lockdown and restrictions. When the lockdown was directed Markaz said that vehicles were arranged to evacuate those who survived in Markaz. Alongwith it a list of vehicles was also given to the Delhi Police so that the vehicles could be found nearby.

Markaz wrote a letter to police administration on 25 March 2020 but no response was received. When the lockdown of 21 days started on 23 March, the administration was aware that hundreds of people could be present in this market, even though there was no way to manage them. The letter also told that on March 23, 1500 people were sent from Markaz. However, it is unclear how many of these people were corona victims or suspected.

In this event 281 foreign citizens including 1830 people from 19 states gathered such as 21 Andaman, 216 Assam, 86 Bihar, 22 Haryana, 15 Himachal, 55 Hyderabad, 45 Karnataka, 115 Maharashtra, 5 Meghalaya, 15 Kerala, 107 Madhya Pradesh, 15 Odisha, 9 Punjab, 19 Rajasthan, 46 Jharkhand, 501 Tamil Nadu, 34 Uttrakhand, 156 Uttar Pradesh and 73 West Bengal. In Jamaat 281 people from 15 countries also gathered from which 700 people have quarantine and 344 people have been sent to the hospital.

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