PM Modi & Sheikh Hasina Meet Today


Narendra Modi & Sheikh Hasina jointly inaugurated three projects to strengthen ties in diverse areas including defense and security, trade and connectivity.They have signed 7 pacts in core areas such as connectivity, capacity building, and culture, transport. The import of LPG from Bangladesh was also launched during the meeting.

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam was also likely discussed during the meeting between the two leaders. On Thursday Sheikh Hasina Said that she was satisfied with Prime Minister Modi’s assurance that her country will not be perturbed over the National Register of Citizens (NRC) being implemented in Assam.

She said this after a week she met Modi in New York. And said that NRC has become a matter of ‘great concern’ for Bangladeshis. Prime Minister has assured his Bangladeshis counterpart that there is no matter to worry as both the countries share a great bond.

Hasina said addressing the WEF’s summit that Bangladesh “can serve as the economic hub for the sub-region”. “Beyond our own 162 million people, Bangladesh can be the connecting landmass to a combined market of nearly 3 billion people,”.

“I am happy that today’s talks will further reinvigorate ties between India and Bangladesh,” said PM Modi after the meeting.

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