No Question of NRC in Bihar, Says Bihar CM Nitish Kumar


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, on Monday, said that he was open to a debate on the CAA in the Bihar state assembly, and there is no need to implement NRC in Bihar. Kumar was speaking at the special one-day session of the Bihar assembly called to ratify a reservation bill.

There should be a debate on CAA. If people want, then there will be a discussion in this house. As for NRC, there is no question of the NRC and no justification for it. It was in discussions only in the context of Assam. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also clarified on it,” Nitish Kumar said in the state assembly.

JDU National Vice President, Prashant Kishor, and senior leader Pavan Verma emerged as vocal critics of his party’s stand on the Citizenship Amendment Bill. After facing opposition from his party members, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar officially denounced the implementation of NRC in the state.

Several chief ministers such as Mamata Banerjee (Bengal), Amarinder Singh (Punjab), Nitish Kumar (Bihar), Kamal Nath (Madhya Pradesh), Naveen Patnaik (Odisha), Ashok Gehlot (Rajasthan), Jagan Mohan Reddy (Andhra Pradesh), and Pinarayi Vijayan (Kerala), have said ‘NO’ to implementation of NRC in their states.

The NRC which was carried out in Assam, under the Supreme Court’s guidance, excluded 19 lakh people from Indian citizenship. Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP working president JP Nadda have asserted on several occasions that NRC will be carried out nationwide, after implementing CAA. 

The CAA allows non-Muslim minorities who came to India on or before 31st December 2014, from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, to easily become Indian citizens. The opposition has described CAA unconstitutional and against the secular fabric of India. Critics have also claimed that the implementation of CAA and nationwide NRC will lead to the segregation of Muslims. The Union government has assured that the legislation is neither unconstitutional nor it affects Indian Muslims.

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