Migrant Laborers Clash To Get Food At Kanpur Station


The government is running a train for the laborers on one side, and on the other side is arranging their food at the stations, but the workers who go to their homes by train are so eager to get food that they clashed among themselves. A similar view was seen on Kanpur Central’s platform number 8 on Friday.

When the train going from Ahmedabad to Bihar came on the platform, a food trolley was placed on the railway side to distribute among the workers. Where the workers of the two coaches clashed with each other to get food, while the food had come for everyone and everyone had to meet.

He did not stop here but kept all the limits on him and beat him fiercely. During this time, he did not even think that at this time all are helpless, all are helpless and all are going to their home. Chief Officer of Kanpur Central Himanshu Shekhar says that the trolley of the food packet was placed in front of the coach, then the passengers of the two coaches clashed.

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