Maldives Thwarted Pakistan’s Move, Supported India On Islamophobia Charges


Pakistan is once again criticized on the international platform for their move, a virtual meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) took place at the United Nations. Pakistan presumed that India is spreading Islamophobia Maldives Permanent Representative in the UN Thilmiza Hussain responded sharply to Pakistan’s allegations.

The Maldives said that the actions or statements made by a few people on social media cannot be understood as the opinion of 130 crore Indians. India is the largest democracy in the world apart from people of many religions, 200 million Muslims also live there. In such a situation, talking about Islamophobia is useless, because there is no fact in it. The Maldives also said that the OIC should not target any single country in South Asia regarding Islamophobia.

The issue of increasing Islamophobia in South Asia was discussed in the meeting of OIC ambassadors. Munir Akram Pakistan Ambassador claimed that India is actively promoting the agenda of Islamophobia.

The Human Rights Commission of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) also accused India of spreading Islamophobia through the Coronavirus by tarnishing the image of Muslims. The OIC said that the Indian government should take immediate steps to stop the wave of Islamophobia and protect the rights of the Muslim community.

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